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Below you will find some of our customers that we work with, read more about how we have achieved great results together!

Increased Conversions

BrightBid helped Watchcom reduce their CPC to a third and cost per conversion by 10 times on Google Ads.


Reduction in CPCs


Cost per Conversion

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Increased ROAS

BrightBid helped Blique by Nobis conversions from PPC by 45% and Return on AdSpend by 216% within 8 weeks of starting with us.


Increase website traffic



Increased Revenue

BrightBid helped increase their website leads by 280%, improved conversion revenue by 107% and reduce costs per conversion by 62%


Conversion value


Increased Leads

Expand Internationally

BrightBid helped deliver more new leads from Mape Plastics website than ever before by driving quality traffic that converts. This supports our revenue growth goals and rapid expansion into new market


Bounce rate


Reduction in CPC

Improved ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

After implementing the BrightBid solution, within just one week our PPC conversions improved significantly and the ongoing optimizations have continued to produce increased conversions.


Return On Ad Spend



This is how we helped Taco Bar reduce costs

Keeping the same spend on PPC, BrightBid increased conversions by 59%, increased clicks by 47% and reduced CPC by 33%.





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