Increased ROAS

Nobis Hospitality Group, is a family-owned group of first-class hotels in Sweden. They had seen good results from Paid Search for some of their other hotel brands but had failed to drive cost effective direct bookings for the Blique by Nobis hotel. A challenge they faced was competing against the travel aggregator sites with vastly higher spends on popular search terms. BrightBid helped Blique by Nobis conversions from PPC by 45% and Return on AdSpend by 216% within 8 weeks of starting with us.


Increase website traffic




Increased ROAS

About the project

Nobis Hospitality Group is expanding into international markets with the premium hotel Blique, situated in the heart of Stockholm. They target travellers directly looking for hotels in their locations and compete with the travel booking sites to win this traffic. They had seen good results from Paid Search driving direct bookings for their other hotel brands but had failed to drive cost effective direct bookings for the Blique hotel. Blique wanted to increase the number of bookings directly on their own website and avoid paying the travel aggregator sites higher commission levels, and this was a key strategic goal for the marketing team.


”BrightBid’s AI helped find more unique search terms that indicated high value potential customers such as ‘hotel with roof terrace in Stockholm’ in Summer or ‘long stay hotels with a gym’. This meant we were able to increase our bids targeting higher value customers and increase our ranks.”

Jakob Lindh Tripolitis, E-commerce Manager at Nobis Hospitality Group

The result

AI-driven Technology and Human Insight Help Blique by Nobis Achieve Remarkable Results with a Small Search Budget

The combination of AI-driven technology, coupled with expert human insight, helped our client manage a small search budget with vastly improved results at lower headcount and costs. For Blique by Nobis, the ability to find the right high value hotel searcher was a significant value driver and a major driver of resource improvements for the team.

BrightBid actually reduced site clicks by 17% and slightly increased the Cost Per Click to attract this higher quality traffic as shown by a reduction in bounce rate by 40% and an increase in session duration by 15%. Target optimization and bid adjustments played a vital role for Blique to win the visit from these high value customers.

BrightBid helped increase website traffic conversion to bookings by 45% and revenue from bookings by 257%. This increased ROAS by 216%.



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