Unleash the Power of AI Ad Optimization

Supercharge Your Paid Search & Shopping Ads

AI-powered PPC advertising has never been easier. With BrightBid, you can:

  • Boost Conversions & Sales: BrightBid AI automates tasks & optimizes campaigns for maximum impact.
  • Reduce Ad Spend: Our AI finds the best placements & bids, saving you money.
  • Effortless Management: Focus on strategy, not tedious tasks. BrightBid AI handles the heavy lifting.
  • Grow Faster: Reach new markets with ease and dominate your competition.

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Stop Guessing, Start Winning. BrightBid’s AI Takes Control.

  • Effortless AI Power: Leverage cutting-edge AI without the complexity. We’ve built our own AI and harnessed the power of Google & Microsoft’s AI, making it simple and effective for you.
  • Smarter Ad Generation & Bidding: Our AI creates high-performing ads and optimizes bids for maximum ROI.
  • Data-Driven Control: Gain complete transparency and make informed decisions about your campaigns.

BrightBid AI helps our clients increase their return on investment by 20% on average.

Win with AI Ad Optimization. BrightBid Makes it Easy.

Stop wasting time & money. Get smarter results with automated PPC & shopping ads.

Reduced CPC Costs & More Growth

Effortless Market Expansion

Expert-Level PPC Management

Combine cutting-edge AI with human expertise for fully managed, client-tailored campaigns. Test audiences and optimize bids for the best outcome.

Google Shopping Optimization

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Unlock Breakthrough Performance with BrightBid’s AI

BrightBid is proof of how AI is changing advertising. Hundreds of companies across the globe trusted their success with us.

Increased Conversions

BrightBid helped TUC increase their traffic by 89.15%, reduced the cost per conversion by 89.4%, and increased the click-through rate by 154%.





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BrightBid boosts leads 280%, conversion revenue 107%, & cuts costs 62%.


Conversion value


Increased Leads


Cost per conversion

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This is how we helped Taco Bar reduce cost

Keeping the same spend on PPC, BrightBid increased conversions by 59%, increased clicks by 47% and reduced CPC by 33%.






Cost per Click

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How to Easily Create Ads With AI Engine for Advertising from BrightBid

It’s easy to get started with AI-powered advertising by BrightBid. Just book an initial discovery call with us, and we’ll ask you questions about your business, how you’re currently using Paid Search, Google Shopping, Microsoft Advertising, and wider marketing channels.

Step 1: Book an initial discovery call to outline your requirements Step 2: We’ll perform a ‘no obligations’ audit of your ad account. Step 3: Receive a forecast of how much our AI Engine can improve your results. Step 4: Proceed with an initial contract period for the setup and training of the AI Engine. Step 5: You will get regular reporting on improvements and results driven by the AI.

The Truth About AI Tools: Insights from a marketers point of view

  • Discover the new developments driven by ChatGPT
  • BrightBid’s predictions on what this will mean for advertisers
  • Preparations you can make to win in the new environment
  • How our AI engine can help you navigate this shift


We like to be at the cutting edge of our industry and embrace technology that drives our customers more value. Here are some of our recent awards.


Global Search Awards 2023: Best Use Of Search – B2B (PPC); Finalist

BrightBid were awarded Highly Commended Best Ad Tech Innovation at the Performance Marketing World Awards 2022

European Search Awards 2023: Best Low Budget Campaign (PPC): Finalist

UK Digital Excellence Awards 2023: Best Use of B2B PPC : Finalist

The Drum Awards Digital Industries 2022: Most Effective Use of AI/Machine Learning: Finalist


What does BrightBid's AI engine do?
  • What it does: Our AI engine continuously analyzes data (like product feeds, target audiences, ad copy) and historical performance to optimize your Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Google Shopping campaigns. It identifies trends, uncovers hidden potential, and makes adjustments 24/7 for better results.
  • Is it authentic AI? Absolutely. BrightBid and Bidbrain, the AI engines powering our platform, are developed in-house by our expert teams.
  • Is it safe? Yes. BrightBid operates within Google and Microsoft Ads guidelines and prioritizes data security.
What are the benefits of AI advertising with BrightBid?
  • 24/7 Optimization: Our AI works tirelessly to analyze data and make adjustments, ensuring your ads are always performing at their peak.
  • Smarter Targeting & Personalization: Reach the right audience with laser focus and deliver personalized messages that resonate.
  • Faster Ad Creation & Testing: Generate high-performing ad copy and visuals quickly, and run A/B tests efficiently.
  • Automated Scaling & Efficiency: Effortlessly manage and scale your campaigns across new markets, freeing up your time for strategic decisions.
How is AI REVOLUTIONIZING advertising?
  • Breakthrough Insights: AI analyzes vast amounts of data to identify hidden patterns and predict future trends, giving you a competitive edge.
  • Real-Time Optimization: AI continuously adjusts bids, placements, and targeting for maximum impact, adapting to changing market conditions.
  • Personalized User Experiences: Deliver relevant and engaging ads to each user, leading to higher conversion rates.
  • Reduced Costs & Increased Efficiency: AI automates tasks and optimizes campaigns, saving you time and money.

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