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ai ad automation and bid optimization

Automate and Boost ROI

Automate bids, find keywords, create ad copy, and allocate budgets easily. Manually approve AI suggestions or set it to autopilot 24/7 as optimization.

ai-powerd advertising reporting

Receive Clear Reports

Use intuitive dashboards to track ad performance and AI activity, monitor targets and metrics, and control budget spend.

ad competitor monitoring and brand name protection

Get Competitive Insights

Stop brand hijacking: track competitors and target PPC spending only when competitors infringe on your trademarks and brand name.

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Unlock Breakthrough Performance with BrightBid’s AI

BrightBid is proof of how AI is changing advertising. We help our clients increase their return on investment by 20% on average.

Eletive boosted conversions 3x & expanded to 5 EU markets with BrightBid’s AI-powered Google Ads revamp.


Increased conversions


Reduced cost per click


Reduced cost per conversion

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BrightBids AI økte konverteringsverdien fra Google Shopping med 355 % på 2 måneder.




Conversion value

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BrightBid unlocks 69 markets, slashes CPL 47% & boosts revenue per lead 39% with paid search.


Cost Per Sales Accepted Lead


Number of Sales Accepted Leads

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The Truth About AI Tools: Insights from a marketers point of view

  • Discover the new developments driven by ChatGPT
  • BrightBid’s predictions on what this will mean for advertisers
  • Preparations you can make to win in the new environment
  • How our AI engine can help you navigate this shift


BrightBid has increased our cost efficiency across the entire Google Ads account by 40%.

Anthon, marketing manager, Mobility Motors

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