Time and cost efficiency with the help of AI

Mobility Motors represents several well-known car brands and has several facilities across Sweden. Having a small in-house marketing team executing a wide range of channels, they were looking for a service that could automate their paid search advertising, whilst also increasing the performance of their PPC investment.

About the Client

Mobility Motors Group is based in Malmo, Sweden and was founded in 2005 to be a forward thinking car dealership.  Today, they represent several well-known car brands, have six facilities around the country selling a wide range of both new and used cars and 230+ employees.

Case Background

Working more efficiently with time and money

Mobility Motors faced the challenge of having a small in-house marketing team executing a wide range of channels. They wanted to find a way to free up more time and were therefore looking for a service that could automate their paid search advertising whilst also increasing the performance of their PPC investment.

The BrightBid way: Strategy and implementation

BrightBid conducted a thorough audit of the ads account. We identified new campaigns to drive website visitors to Mobility Motor’s various online services. We then set up new conversion goals for the website as the previous tracking was based on simple clicks not ultimate sales.  This enabled the marketing team to more easily measure the value of their PPC advertising and track progress of visitors all the way through to car purchases and profitability. 

This unlocked real business value for Mobility Motors as PPC investment budget was spent on targeted messages toward the different services, the right keywords and delivered increased revenue from Google Ads.

In an industry that is highly competitive, an important part of optimizing the account was finding the keywords with lower competition, long-tail keywords and optimizing bids on the right keywords.


BrightBid has increased our cost efficiency across the entire Google Ads account by 40%.

Anthon, marketing manager, Mobility Motors

The result

How BrightBid’s AI solution successfully increased the results for Mobility Motors

After a six-month period, the AI ​​engine managed to increase the effectiveness of the Google Ads account by as much as 40% . The cornerstones of the strategy were careful keyword analyzes for their various services, always-on A/B tests and a new structure of the Ads account.



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BrightBid significantly helped Mobility Motors, a car dealership group in Sweden, to manage their Google Ads. BrightBid’s ability to conduct advanced optimisations and A/B testing autonomously proved invaluable, resulting in a 40% increase in cost-effectiveness over six months. Anthon, Performance Marketer at Mobility Motors, praised BrightBid’s effectiveness in delivering rapid results and substantial time savings.

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