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Watchcom Security Group, one of Norway’s leading CyberSecurity firms, worked with BrightBid to reduce their CPC to a third and cost per conversion by 10 times on Google Ads. Here’s how…

About the client —


Reductions in CPCs


Cost per Conversion


Increased Clicks


Case challenge —

What was the challenge?

Watchcom Security Group is a cybersecurity services and solution provider, using paid search to increase visibility. Being owned by Combitech, Watchcom has access to over 300 consultants working across Scandinavia, and focuses on a wide range of industries on all aspects of information security.

Watchcom has a small marketing team and efficiency is extremely important as each channel and task cannot take too much time or require too many resources. Google search is important to Watchcom and SEO and PPC are central to their marketing.

It is important for Watchcom to continuously improve how they handle and analyze Google activities and have better control over the Ads account and campaigns, which can be very time-consuming for a small team.

Case solution —

What was done, and what is the result?

BrightBid initially set up new campaigns with BrightBids AI engine and customized the Ads account structure to match Watchcom’s needs whilst training the AI to take over and perform thousands of optimizations in the account. Using the right bid adjustments targeted towards the right audiences, BrightBid were able to optimize bids towards the website visitors more likely to convert.

What made you choose BrightBid?

“Leaving everything to the robots was in no way scary thanks to the proactive team at BrightBid who provided detailed follow-ups and an “always available” attitude. The transition went smoothly, and the results were very quick to be positive.”

Review —

“BrightBid delivered right away and understood that it is people who buy and use the solution. Helpful, available, and creative”

Tormod Fjellgård

Head of Marketing, Watchcom

The result —

BrightBid’s AI made 17 times more bidding changes than they could achieve manually which drove vastly improved results

Watchcom wanted to increase visibility, reach and conversion and they did not have the bandwidth to do this internally. The AI was well trained by BrightBid to deliver on impressions, reach and conversion goals.

In 2021 only 678 bidding changes were made manually, in 2022 over 11,800 bidding changes were made by our AI, which vastly improved results.

  • Increased Clicks by over 6 times
  • CPC’s was reduced to a third
  • Impressions increased by 22 times
  • Conversions increased over 10 times

This gave Watchcom the confidence to double their paid search budgets.


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