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While Dr. Dropin’s GP Google Ads expenditure increased by 21% compared to their previous campaigns, the results were remarkable. Lead volume surged by 40%, simultaneously reducing the cost per acquisition by 14%.


Lead volume


Cost per acquisition


Conversion rate

Ad Optimization with AI through Effective Account Restructuring

Omecon faced a significant challenge when it came to advertising within the engineering landscape. In a niche industry, possessing specialized expertise is paramount. They realized that their in-house knowledge was no…


Cost per conversion



Cost per Lead Reduction

BrightBid were able to drive immediate improvements in OnSecurity’s Paid Search results with an increase of 6 x lead volume. This is a great results and will continue to improve as our AI continuously learns what is…


Cost per lead


Conversion rate


Lead volume

Advertising of Nutritional Supplements With AI

Bodylab successfully harnessed the power of advanced AI for ad optimization and data-driven insights. They enhanced the performance on Google Shopping, with a 40% uplift in ROAS and an increase in clicks by X81!


Increased ROAS


Conversion value

Increasing brand awareness

For Stålhästen, getting their existing and new offerings noticed by the customers on Google Shopping and Google Ads—not even to mention getting stable conversions—demanded a tailored approach.


Increased ROAS


Conversion value

Significantly improved its ROAS

BrightBid’s AI engine for Google Shopping, Bidbrain helped them increase their conversion value by 355% in just 2 months and we have continued to improve results across our 2 year partnership.




Conversion value

Global Expansion

BrightBid helped them expand to 69 markets through paid search whilst lowering their Cost per Lead by 47% and increasing their revenue per lead by 39%.


Cost Per Sales Accepted Lead


Number of Sales Accepted Leads


CPC Decrease

Increased Conversions

BrightBid helped TUC increase their traffic by 89.15%, reduced the cost per conversion by 89.4%, and increased the click-through rate by 154%.




Cost per Click



Increased Conversions

BrightBid helped Watchcom reduce their CPC to a third and cost per conversion by 10 times on Google Ads.


Reductions in CPCs


Cost per Conversion


Increased Clicks

Increased ROAS

BrightBid helped Blique by Nobis conversions from PPC by 45% and Return on AdSpend by 216% within 8 weeks of starting with us.


Increase website traffic




Increased ROAS

Increased Revenue

BrightBid helped increase their website leads by 280%, improved conversion revenue by 107% and reduce costs per conversion by 62%


Conversion value


Increased Leads


Cost per conversion

Improved ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

BrightBid’s AI engine helped unlock PPC success for Mape Plastics by focusing on the right niche user within a narrow set of keywords. This increased the quality of the traffic to the website.


Bounce rate


Reduction in CPC


Average session duration

This is how we helped Taco Bar reduce cost

Keeping the same spend on PPC, BrightBid increased conversions by 59%, increased clicks by 47% and reduced CPC by 33%.






Cost per Click

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