See Ads Clearly: Powerful Reporting for Your Google Ads

Gain control over your Google Ads with BrightBid’s AI. Easily use intuitive dashboards and analyze detailed performance reports.

Crystal Clear & AI-Driven: Monitor Ads Like a Pro

AI-powered visibility hub: track every ad campaign in real-time. See performance, identify trends, and optimize your ads for success.


Control Your Ads & Goals

See real-time performance across all metrics. Align ads with business goals & get actionable keyword, budget, and bidding suggestions—all in one place.

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Dive Deep with Detailed Reports

customize and get ad performance report

Get Your Data, Your Way

Access and export reports with ease for further analysis. Schedule automatic reports to stay informed without lifting a finger.

Own Your Data, Drive Results

Get detailed reports, and access and export data with ease. BrightBid unlocks your Google Ads data for smarter decisions, ROI boost, and campaign success.

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Actionable Insights & AI-Driven Ad Optimization

BrightBid goes beyond reporting—we empower smarter decisions.

  • Keyword Magic: Discover relevant positive/negative keywords tailored to your business. Manage them manually or use autopilot.
  • Budget Mastery: Access data-driven strategies to optimize your spend for maximum impact.
  • BrightBid Score: Get a free health check & actionable tips to boost your Google Ads performance.
  • AI on Demand: Control BrightBid’s AI. Review AI suggestions or set the autopilot for a hands-off approach.

How BrightBid Helps Boost Your Ad Performance

20% average ROI increase: our clients consistently achieve breakthrough performance thanks to transparent reporting and AI-powered ad optimization.

Eletive boosted conversions 3x & expanded to 5 EU markets with BrightBid’s AI-powered Google Ads revamp.


Increased conversions


Reduced cost per click


Reduced cost per conversion

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Dr. Dropin achieved 40% more leads, 14% lower cost per lead despite 21% budget increase.


Lead volume


Cost per acquisition


Conversion rate

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BrightBid unlocks 69 markets, slashes CPL 47% & boosts revenue per lead 39% with paid search.


Cost Per Sales Accepted Lead


Number of Sales Accepted Leads

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BrightBid has increased our cost efficiency across the entire Google Ads account by 40%.

Anthon, marketing manager, Mobility Motors

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What does BrightBid's AI engine do?
  • What it does: Our AI engine continuously analyzes data (like product feeds, target audiences, ad copy) and historical performance to optimize your Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Google Shopping campaigns. It identifies trends, uncovers hidden potential, and makes adjustments 24/7 for better results.
  • Is it authentic AI? Absolutely. BrightBid and Bidbrain, the AI engines powering our platform, are developed in-house by our expert teams.
  • Is it safe? Yes. BrightBid operates within Google and Microsoft Ads guidelines and prioritizes data security.
What are the benefits of AI advertising with BrightBid?
  • 24/7 Optimization: Our AI works tirelessly to analyze data and make adjustments, ensuring your ads are always performing at their peak.
  • Smarter Targeting & Personalization: Reach the right audience with laser focus and deliver personalized messages that resonate.
  • Faster Ad Creation & Testing: Generate high-performing ad copy and visuals quickly, and run A/B tests efficiently.
  • Automated Scaling & Efficiency: Effortlessly manage and scale your campaigns across new markets, freeing up your time for strategic decisions.
What type of reports does BrightBid offer?

BrightBid offers a variety of reports, including:

  • Real-time performance dashboards for key metrics (impressions, clicks, conversions, cost, etc.).
  • Detailed campaign breakdowns (text, Shopping ads, PMAX).
  • Budget allocation reports.
  • Competitor monitoring report.
  • Ad account health score report.

BrightBid’s AI continuously analyzes your Google Ads account and identifies areas for improvement. It can suggest:

  • Relevant positive and negative keywords.
  • Data-driven budget optimization strategies.
  • Bidding adjustments for better performance.

You can also schedule automatic reports for regular updates and easily access and export reports for further analysis.

Do I have control over the AI recommendations?

Absolutely! BrightBid provides complete transparency and control. You can review and approve AI recommendations before they are implemented, or set your campaigns to “autopilot” for 24/7 optimization.

How can I get started with BrightBid?

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