How Google Ads works

97 percent search for information on the internet, of which 61 percent google every day. Google is a search engine that many people already know, we use Google to find information and do all kinds of searches there. So how does advertising on Google Ads work?

15% of daily Google searches have never been done before

Every day, new searches are made by Internet users around the world that Google’s algorithm has never seen before. In fact, as many as 15% of the searches made every day are brand new! This means that it becomes incredibly difficult to anticipate all the searches that your potential customers do when they are looking for exactly what you offer.

What is Google Advertising?

Advertising on Google gives companies an opportunity to appear high in the search results on keywords or search phrases that the company considers important to them. For a company that sells sneakers, the search phrase “Sneakers online” is an important search to be seen on. When a company chooses to start advertising on Google, a number of keywords must be selected that the company pays to appear on. Paid search results are not the same as organic search results, see the difference between the two below:

So how can you be seen online?

For us humans, it is difficult and time consuming to anticipate all the potential searches that internet users make. You are probably wondering now how we make it visible on those searches. With the help of an AI engine that analyzes user behavior and previous searches, we can with the AI engine be seen on the new searches that are done every day. The AI engine works actively to generate new keywords automatically.

How does an AdTech company work?

We at BrightBid have a very clear work process for how we work with new customers, which we have divided into four steps.

  1. Book a demo, where we go through your goals and what expectations you can have of a possible collaboration.
  2. After we have access to your Ads and Analytics accounts, we implement the AI engine.
  3. We hold follow-up meetings every month where we analyze results with you.
  4. Continuous optimization, the AI engine continues to make adjustments to bids, audience and keywords.

Read more about the four steps here

What are the benefits of advertising on Google?

Advertising on Google gives you the opportunity to be seen online when a user searches for exactly what you offer. As much as 80% of all buying trips start on Google, which means that your potential customers are on Google – so you need to make sure they are visible there.

  • You can advertise on relevant keywords to your business that increase traffic to the site and also increase the number of conversions.
  • You have the opportunity to be seen on the front page of the search result. 95% of all traffic goes to the websites that appear on the front page of the search results – a big advantage is therefore to be able to be seen over your competitors.
  • Set the budget that suits you, if you feel insecure, you can start low and increase as you see results from your advertising.

Are you ready to invest in digital?

We help companies in all possible industries to be seen online. Small and large businesses can use Google advertising to increase their brand awareness, drive more site traffic and increase conversions.


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