Advertise Your Amazon Products on Google Shopping with BrightBridge

Our first-to-market, BrightBridge product connects your Amazon listings to your Google Merchant Center and tracks Amazon sales enabling better Amazon rankings, bid optimization, and ROAS increases.

Our solution for connecting Amazon and Google Shopping

More than 80% of Google’s clicks for retailers are on Google Shopping Ads and for the first time BrightBridge enables you to connect this powerful traffic driver to your Amazon listings. BrightBridge also feeds the Amazon sales data back to Google enabling bid optimisation, ROAS increases alongside better Amazon rankings.

BrightBridge enables you to:

  • advertise your Amazon products on Google Shopping and Google Search
  • monitor the performance of your campaigns and products through Amazon’s attribution API connected to your Google Ads account
  • rank higher on Amazon organically through traffic increases
  • updated and optimized Google Shopping feed from your Amazon product data
  • create and manage Google Ads campaigns using our AI engine for both Google Shopping and Paid Search
  • monitor your real-time Amazon organic ranking

Getting started with Amazon products on Google Shopping with BrightBid

Connect to BrightBridge

Connect your Amazon Advertising, Amazon Seller and Google Ads accounts on our easy-to-manage platform.

Setup Merchant Center

We generate your Google Shopping feed and create a new GMC account under BrightBid CSS. Finally, connect your GMC to your Google Ads.

a Campaign

All left is to select which products to advertise, create your campaign, and go live!

Grow with BrightBid

Track campaign performance, optimize your campaigns and product feed, and monitor your organic ranking improvements.

Boosting your organic ranking on Amazon

Amazon loves & rewards external traffic. The factors that determine placement in organic search are a combination of popularity, metadata, and relevancy. Using different leverage to influence these factors is how you will affect your Amazon ranking.

Increased sales resulting from advertising can contribute to higher sales velocity for your products. Amazon’s algorithm often rewards products that sell well, so the increased sales volume can lead to better organic rankings.

Turbocharge your Amazon listings using Google Shopping Ads

Here’s how it’s now possible for you to advertise your Amazon products on Google Shopping.

Get your free copy today and discover:

  • How to connect Amazon and Google Shopping
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  • The 7 benefits of using Google Shopping Ads



Up to 25 products



All basic features
300 EURO per extra marketplace
Onboarding setup
Online support


Up to 50 products



All basic features
250 EURO per extra marketplace
Onboarding setup
Online support


Up to 100 products



All basic features
200 EURO per extra marketplace
Onboarding setup
Online support
Quarterly check-ins with digital specialist



Unlimited products

Custom Price

All features in Pro
Custom-tailored monthly reporting
Monthly check-ins with digital specialist

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Which markets does BrightBridge work in?

We can connect your Google and Amazon accounts in the following markets: The United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands. That means if you are an Amazon seller using Amazon internationally, we can connect you in the previously mentioned markets.

Do I need a Google Ads account set up?

Yes, you will need to set up a Google Ads account. Our team will help you connect your Amazon listings with your Google Ads account, and you will be able to amend your product details at any time.

How will you manage the data feedback to Google?

We do not feed back Amazon sales data into Google Ads. Instead, BrightBridge is combining your Amazon sales data and your Google Ads performance data in the BrightBridge dashboard.

What are the advantages of using Google Shopping Ads over Google text ads to drive traffic to my Amazon listings?

More than 80% of clicks for e-commerce retailers are from Google are from the Google Shopping ad format so this solution will drive more traffic than using Google text ads alone. A good Ad account will use a mix of formats and we can help you test the right balance.