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Showcase and Sell Your Amazon Products Directly on Google Shopping with BrightBridge

Tired of managing separate Amazon and Google Shopping campaigns? BrightBridge seamlessly connects your Amazon listings to Google Shopping, letting you reach new customers and skyrocket your sales.

How BrightBridge Helps Boost Your Amazon Sales with Google Shopping

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Effortless Setup

Connect your Amazon and Google accounts in minutes. Get your product feed automatically optimized for Shopping Ads.

Automated Campaigns

BrightBridge creates and manages Google Shopping listings and ads for you, using our house-built AI for optimal performance.

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Smart Optimization

See what’s working and refine your campaigns for maximum efficiency, ensuring the best possible Return On Ad Spend (ROAS).

get amazon listings on google shopping ads

Improved Rankings

Boost sales on Google Shopping and watch your Amazon ranking rise. Get more organic traffic for continuous growth.

AI-Powered Growth Engine for Amazon Sellers

Why waste time managing Google Shopping routines yourself? BrightBridge puts your Amazon business on autopilot for growth. Here are the benefits you can’t ignore:

Explosive Sales Growth

Tap into millions of ready-to-buy customers on Google Shopping with powerful, AI-optimized ads. Watch your Amazon sales and ranking grow.

Streamlined Management

Free yourself from tedious setup and campaign management. BrightBridge automates your free Google Shopping listings and paid ads.

Targeted Ads, Big Results

Shift the focus from audience size to the targeted nature of Google Shopping Ads, ensuring your products reach highly relevant customers.

AI-Powered Optimization

Get the most out of your ad spend with BrightBridge’s cutting-edge AI. It continuously optimizes campaigns for maximum ROAS.


BrightBid has increased our cost efficiency across the entire Google Ads account by 40%.

Anthon, marketing manager, Mobility Motors

Turbocharge Your Amazon Listings with Google Shopping Ads

Here’s how it’s now possible for you to advertise your Amazon products on Google Shopping.

Get your free copy of the BrightBridge ebook and discover:

  • How to connect Amazon and Google Shopping
  • How to advertise your Amazon products directly on Google Shopping
  • The 7 benefits of using Google Shopping Ads

Pricing Plans to Fit Your Needs


Up to 25 products



All basic features
£300 per extra marketplace
Onboarding setup
Online support


Up to 50 products



All basic features
£250 per extra marketplace
Onboarding setup
Online support


Up to 100 products



All basic features
£200 per extra marketplace
Onboarding setup
Online support
Quarterly check-ins with digital specialist



Unlimited products

Custom Price

All features in Pro
Custom-tailored monthly reporting
Monthly check-ins with digital specialist


Which markets does BrightBridge work in?

BrightBridge currently supports connections between your Google and Amazon accounts in the following markets:

  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Netherlands

This means if you’re an international Amazon seller operating in any of these regions, BrightBridge can help you leverage Google Shopping Ads to reach new customers.

Do I need a Google Ads account set up?

Yes, you’ll need a Google Ads account to use BrightBridge. However, don’t worry! Our team will assist you in connecting your Amazon listings and guide you through any adjustments needed for product details within your Google Ads.

How does BrightBridge manage data feedback to Google?

While BrightBridge doesn’t directly feed your Amazon sales data into Google Ads, it does something even better. It combines your Amazon sales data with your Google Ads performance data within the BrightBridge dashboard, giving you a holistic view of your advertising efforts.

Why choose Google Shopping Ads over Google Text Ads?

Over 80% of Google Ads clicks for e-commerce retailers come from the Google Shopping format. This means you’ll likely see more traffic from potential customers actively searching for products compared to text ads alone. However, a well-rounded ad strategy might utilize both formats. The BrightBridge team can help you find the right balance for your business.

I Still Have Questions. Where Can I Learn More About BrightBridge?

Want to learn more about BrightBridge solution for Amazon? Don’t hesitate to:

Unleash the Power of Google Shopping for Your Amazon Business

get amazon products on google shopping