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”How do brands avoid becoming non-essential?” 35 performance marketers on the IPA Bellwether results”


Gustav Westman CEO and Founder of BrightBid to be quoted in Performance Marketing World about his views on the UK Admarket. We’re optimistic that businesses will navigate this period of uncertainty by spending more on performance marketing channels including search, and make use of the new search capabilities that the Google/ Bing search wars with bring to help drive revenues.


“The search wars have led us into the “third era of search” and brands advertising online are among the primary beneficiaries of this progress. Global advertising spend has increased by a remarkable 313% over the last 10 years (as reported by WARC Media) with the potential of AI solutions now coming into the mix, we can expect to see even better results in the years to come. The addition of multimodal search functionalities, including audio and video, will enhance the overall experience for consumers and increase reach to a larger target audience”.


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