”How do brands avoid becoming non-essential?” 35 performance marketers on the IPA Bellwether results”

Gustav Westman CEO and Founder of BrightBid to be quoted in Performance Marketing World about his views on the UK Admarket. We’re optimistic that businesses will navigate this period of uncertainty by spending more on performance marketing channels including search, and make use of the new search capabilities that the Google/ Bing search wars with bring to help drive revenues.


“The search wars have led us into the “third era of search” and brands advertising online are among the primary beneficiaries of this progress. Global advertising spend has increased by a remarkable 313% over the last 10 years (as reported by WARC Media) with the potential of AI solutions now coming into the mix, we can expect to see even better results in the years to come. The addition of multimodal search functionalities, including audio and video, will enhance the overall experience for consumers and increase reach to a larger target audience”.


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Synergising Black Friday: navigating the Amazon-Google advertising landscape

“Black Friday became the biggest shopping phenomenon of the year in 2001, dethroning the Saturday before Christmas in the process. Four years later, Cyber Monday was thrown into the mix – meaning shoppers have close to an entire month to delight in discounts and promotions on their favourite products, both in-store and online. 2023 looks…

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Could generative AI be a ‘skill leveller’ in marketing?

ChatGPT makes “the average really visible”, says Kate Cox, CMO at BrightBid, “so you know what the baseline is.” Econsultancy Live last week on the topic of “Generative AI Hype: Revolution or Mirage?” “If you know that that is ‘average’, you can then spend your time making it better, and just invest that human skill…

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Court witness accidentally reveals Google’s secret search pact with Apple

📊 Kevin Murphy, a University of Chicago professor and Google’s main economics expert, revealed that Google pays Apple 36% of Safari’s search advertising revenues to remain its default search engine. 💰 Speculation suggests that this amounts to an $18 billion annual payment although this has not been confirmed. ⚖️ The Department of Justice’s trial is…

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PPC Trends 2024

This month we co-sponsored and supported Search Engine Journal on the launch of their new PPC Trends 2024. The 2024 edition looks at:

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UK Search Awards 2023

Great to be a finalist in the UK Search Awards alongside our customer OnSecurity. Read how this UK-based SaaS cyber security provider faced the challenge of reducing CPL and scaling lead quality in Google Paid Search and how BrightBid slashed CPL by 80% in a month and OnSecurity tripled search spend after one month. Key…

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The Drum Awards

Excited to be a Finalist in The Drum Awards for Digital Industries in the Best Use of AI and Machine Learning category talking about our primary goal of Democratize access to AI and Machine Learning for Paid Search customers on platforms like Google and Bing.

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