BrightBid is now a Google Premier Partner 2023, placing us among the top 3% of leading Google Partners

We take great pride in our Google Premier Partner status, which serves as a testament to our company’s ability to meet Google’s stringent requirements for certification on their ad platform. As a Google Premier Partner, we are committed to providing our clients with exceptional service and demonstrating our ability to help them achieve growth and success through effective Google advertising strategies.

To achieve Google Premier Partner status, we met requirements including delivering great customer results, managing a significant total ad budget, and ensuring that our team are certified in Google Ads. BrightBid is considered one of the top Google Partner companies based on factors such as client growth, loyalty, product diversification, and annual spend increase.

As a Google Premier Partner, BrightBid demonstrated a commitment to ensuring that our team possesses high levels of expertise, advanced skills, and certification across all of Google’s channels. As a team, we are industry leaders and consistently strive to deliver top-tier results to help our clients achieve their marketing goals.

What this means for you as a customer of BrightBid:

As a Premier Partner, we have access to beta versions of new features alongside a broader set of benefits. This means that BrightBid’s customers can access new features in Google Ads before they are launched to other advertisers, keeping you ahead of the curve.

About BrightBid:

BrightBid is a Swedish-founded ad tech company helping 450+ customers worldwide succeed on Google Search. Our AI-engine optimises the Google Ad Platform thousands of times a month for each customer: resulting in higher performing Google Search campaigns. Our engine finds the right audience for our customers’ even very niche target groups. We then use our AI driven bid automation platform to fire thousands of A/B tests to find out the right amount to bid for each different customer type. We have designed our AI solution to help customers with the most complex needs to succeed with their search campaigns and it offers a comprehensive way for many B2B marketing teams to access the latest search technologies.


“Conquering Linguistic Frontiers: How AI Can Enable Global Marketing”

In the near future, AI-powered tools like universal translation earbuds and augmented reality glasses will eliminate language barriers, revolutionizing global marketing. Companies are already using these technologies to ensure consistent brand messaging and reduce errors across diverse markets. AI will enhance marketing strategies, personalize user experiences, and offer significant cost savings, ultimately connecting people and brands worldwide while celebrating cultural diversity.

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GoTech Awards 2024

Excited to be a finalist in the GoTech Awards 2024 in the ‘AI/ Machine Learning’ category. The awards aim to celebrate the UK’s tech pioneers and innovators and are in collaboration with Business Leader.  The awards recognise the best the UK has to offer in categories including mobile technology, AI and machine learning, sustainability, and…

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Episode #121 of the SaaSiest Podcast is out now!

In this episode, the podcast featured Gustav Westman, our CEO at BrightBid. They talked with Gustav about how he started his SaaS by first selling 3rd party SaaS solutions, to collect marketing intelligence and validate the need before building the platform. Some of the questions covered were: Tune in to learn how you can leverage…

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‘Human involvement is fundamental’: Marketing and generative AI in 2024

BrightBid quoted in eConsultancy’s new report: Marketing and generative AI in 2024 Kate Cox, Chief Marketing Officer at BrightBid, emphasises the importance of getting your data in order. “It is incredibly important to set up marketing processes for the AI future. …to use it effectively, data needs to be structured in an AI-friendly way and…

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Synergising Black Friday: navigating the Amazon-Google advertising landscape

“Black Friday became the biggest shopping phenomenon of the year in 2001, dethroning the Saturday before Christmas in the process. Four years later, Cyber Monday was thrown into the mix – meaning shoppers have close to an entire month to delight in discounts and promotions on their favourite products, both in-store and online. 2023 looks…

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Could generative AI be a ‘skill leveller’ in marketing?

ChatGPT makes “the average really visible”, says Kate Cox, CMO at BrightBid, “so you know what the baseline is.” Econsultancy Live last week on the topic of “Generative AI Hype: Revolution or Mirage?” “If you know that that is ‘average’, you can then spend your time making it better, and just invest that human skill…

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