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”AA/WARC reports 9th consecutive quarter of UK advertising spend growth, signaling resilient recovery”


More good news! AA-WARC released their AdSpend figures for the UK yesterday showing growth at 10.8% in the first nine months of 2022 with cinema (up 148.1%), OOH (up 13.2%) and search (up 7.7%) showing strong recovery. However, accounting for inflation, real growth in 2022 is thought to have been flat at -0.1%.

Search marketing accounts for nearly 40% of UK ad spend in Q3 2022 and without the commensurate increase in searchers; a rise in demand by advertisers like this, inevitably leads to CPC inflation in an auction model. Our aim is always to to maintain or decrease your CPC’s/ CPAs even in highly inflationary environments or focus fully on driving more new revenue through the search channel to increase your ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).


Here’s our founder and CEO Gustav Westman commenting on the report and what it means for PPC advertisers

Read the full report here

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