Author: Anton Marchenko

  • ai for business

    AI for Business: The Power Punch that Boosts Efficiency

    With AI tools, you can automate tedious tasks, gain valuable insights, and ultimately leave your competition playing catch-up. This piece dives into the arsenal of AI tools businesses can wield.

  • google shopping feed specs guide

    Google Shopping Feed Specs: A Guide to Success

    For online retailers, Google Shopping is a powerful tool to reach new customers and boost sales. But to leverage this platform effectively, you’ll need to understand Google Shopping feed specs. Don’t worry, it’s not as complex as it sounds!

  • ai ads ai ad generator

    AI Ads: Hype or Help for Modern Marketers?

    Mid-market and enterprise marketing are feeling the heat to produce top-notch ads quickly and with precise targeting. AI ad generators are stepping in to help, claiming to create data-driven campaigns that hit the mark in record time. But are they a game-changer or just a passing trend?

  • ppc automation guide

    The Busy Marketer’s Guide to PPC Automation

    Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can be a powerful tool for driving traffic to your website, but managing multiple campaigns can be a real time-consuming affair. Thankfully, PPC automation has arrived to save you.

  • performance max guide ecommerce

    A Beginner’s Guide to Performance Max Campaigns

    This guide dives into Google’s Performance Max (PMax) campaigns, a streamlined approach to advertising across the Google Ads network. PMax leverages machine learning to optimize ad placements and target relevant audiences dynamically, helping you expand reach and achieve your marketing goals.

  • performance max guide

    Performance Max: A Comprehensive Guide with Examples

    PMax is designed to simplify your advertising life and maximize results. But with all that automation and cross-channel magic, where do you even begin? This guide is your PMax roadmap.

  • how to optimize ebay listings

    7 Steps to Creating the Perfect eBay Listing

    With 135 million active users, eBay offers a massive marketplace to sell your products. This guide will show you how to create high-quality eBay listings that will grab attention and get you more sales.

  • ai advertising example

    10 Best AI Advertising Examples

    Let’s explore some of the best AI advertising examples that will inspire you and demonstrate how brands are using AI to achieve remarkable results.

  • Amazon Pricing Strategy

    Crafting a Compelling Amazon Pricing Strategy

    Amazon is a behemoth in the e-commerce world. Their competitive pricing strategy is legendary, often leaving smaller sellers wondering how to compete. Here’s how you can craft a pricing strategy that shines on the Amazon marketplace.

  • how to connect google shopping to shopify

    Using Google Shopping for Your Shopify Store

    Connecting your Shopify store to Google Shopping is a powerful way to increase sales, boost brand awareness, and reach millions of interested shoppers with just a few clicks. This blog post will guide you through the process, step-by-step.