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We combine Google’s algorithm and our AI technology to develop even higher performing Google Ads campaigns that generate more leads and customers for your business. Our AI-solution optimizes your Ads account daily to find the best performing keywords, your most valued audience and bidding adjustments on different users based on their search intent.

Google Ads with AI

It´s easy to start advertising on Google with our AI solution. We have divided the process into these steps.
Step 1

Book a demo

During the demo we will go through your current search strategy and understand your business and marketing goals so we can quickly train our AI engine to meet your needs. We offer a free audit of your Google Ads account whereby our search experts estimate the achievable uplifts through AI.
Step 2

Implementation of AI-engine

After implementing our solution we publish search campaigns built by our AI based on the strategy set during our start-up meeting. Many customers experience significant performance lifts within 30 days of sign up.
Step 3

Follow-up meetings

You’ll meet one of our Digital Specialists regularly to discuss the campaign performance and main KPI’s. They will then recommend further enhancements to improve performance.
Step 4


Our AI-solution works for you around the clock, which means that the engine continuously optimizes your campaigns.
Phase 1


We target a crawler to your website that captures your sites content which the AI engine generate text ads and keywords from. The first 2-4 weeks are learning intensive, it is after this learning period that the results accelerate and are better than before.
Phase 2


We schedule a check-in meeting two weeks after implementing the AI-solution where we look at which ads has been created, which search terms have been generated based on your content and the target group’s searches. The next meeting after the two week check-in will be after four weeks.
Phase 3


Here, our engine has gone from crawling, to walking and has now started running. This is where the results accelerate. New search terms are generated on the assembly line and we find new target groups that convert to the goals that we jointly agreed on during our start-up meeting.

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Frequently asked questions

Here you can read frequently asked questions that we receive from those who are interested in starting with our AI-solution for Google Ads.
We always expect to be up and running 14 days after we have agreed.
We do not need much from you as a customer, at your first meeting with one of our digital marketing stars they will collect all the information they need.
The first month is learning intensive, expect to see a large increase in impressions and then see an increase in clicks and conversions.
No. You can sit back and review the monthly report.