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BrightBid is a vivid illustration of how AI is changing advertising at lightning speed.

Hundreds of companies across the globe trusted their success with us. Our AI tech for advertising and marketing automation enabled them to achieve unprecedented results on Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising (Bing). Here’s how we’ve helped our customers grow.

Increased Conversions

BrightBid helped TUC increase their traffic by 89.15%, reduced the cost per conversion by 89.4%, and increased the click-through rate by 154%.





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BrightBid boosts leads 280%, conversion revenue 107%, & cuts costs 62%.


Conversion value


Increased Leads


Cost per conversion

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This is how we helped Taco Bar reduce cost

Keeping the same spend on PPC, BrightBid increased conversions by 59%, increased clicks by 47% and reduced CPC by 33%.






Cost per Click

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