Top AI Tools for Marketing that we love

BrightBid’s top picks for great AI tools for B2B marketing teams: Part 1

Here at BrightBid we love using AI in marketing. We’ll pick top tools we know B2B marketing teams are loving and post them here on the blog.

We believe that no human should do a machine’s job and AI and automation has a place in re humanising work.

We love this quote from Econsultancy when they are talking about automation and generative AI.

Importantly, automation frees up humans to do non rote tasks. Something that will become increasingly important as the pressure mounts to get more from the same size, or potentially smaller, teams. Contrary to expectations, this means automation actually has a role to play in re-humanising work”.

Here’s the best platforms we’ve found for some common B2B marketing challenges!

1. ChatGPT

The hype around ChatGPT since its launch on the 1st of December 2022 has been unreal and we at BrightBid are excited as it shows AI uses for marketing are going mainstream and marketers are embracing new ways to be more efficient. We love using ChatGPT for blog writing structures and getting hooks for emails and social media posts but did you know it can also write formulas for excel functions?

Just type ‘I want to turn a hyperlink in excel into a domain name in a separate column. What function do I use? And you get the following:

If you want to extract domain name only then use =MID(A1,FIND(”//”,A1)+2,FIND(”/”,A1,FIND(”//”,A1)+2)-FIND(”//”,A1)-2)

You can then copy and paste the formula into a separate column to extract the domain name for each hyperlink in your spreadsheet. So much easier than watching Youtube videos or searching Microsoft or Google sheets help section.


This is an incredibly useful ebook called Prompt which gives you some useful prompts to get the right results from AI tools. There is a free taster version and then a paid for approach.



Following closely behind ChatGPT is which is a paraphrasing tool. It can take AI generated copy and transform it into copy with a more distinct tone of voice. We’ve heard it also confuses AI generated text detection systems too. We can’t vouch for that one though!


3. This Person Does Not Exist

Ever needed an image for your website incredibly quickly; either an employee or a customer but you just haven’t got the right photography to hand? Maybe you had some employee pictures but your team member got a great new opportunity and is now not so happy to have their image shared? No need to set up an emergency photo session these days – just check out tools like this one which can generate realistic looking images based on a text prompt – royalty free.


4. Synthesia

Some of our team adore this AI video creation app which creates humans to narrate videos from text prompts within minutes! Try it and see how it could work for you with the free demo tool from the homepage.


5. Runway ml

Closely following Synthesia is another video creation app Runway ml. This creates video scenes from text prompts and provides real-time video editing and collaboration.


6. Dall-e and Midjourney

Are great tools for creating illustrations and AI art from text prompts. We use it for ebook illustrations and blog articles from text prompts.


7. Marketmuse

This content strategy company analyses your existing website using AI and then offers personalised and tailored approaches to writing up new themes. An incredible time saving for any busy B2B marketing team.


8. Mutiny

We were blown away when we first saw this Silicon Valley scaleup’s product. It uses IP tracking to understand visitors to a website and then assigns them different personas based on their company profile and rewrites the Home Page headline and supporting copy using AI. It can also tackle PPC landing pages as well so a really quick way to get high converting landing pages up and running with minimal dev team issues. Website traffic needs to be over 10,000 visits a month to get traction.


9. We love all the sales coaching SaaS companies like Gong, Jiminny, Salesloft and Meetric.

These record video sales calls with prospects and offer helpful realtime hints to improve the process and record key customer painpoints and requirements for the product. They then transcribe the call and help sales move successful calls over to customer onboarding with great knowledge transfer.


10. And of course, we have our own

Google uses AI and automation at the heart of their own bidding product but here at BrightBid we know that simply switching this on for many B2B customers reduces the value of the Google Search results and increases costs. This is because the data available for B2B is far less than ecommerce marketers and Google AI needs to ingest a lot of data to start optimising. Here at BrightBid, we know that AI is a powerful tool to improve Google Search with or without Google’s AI.

Here’s the blog article we wrote on the topic ‘10 Ways AI and Automation Can Make Your PPC Campaign More Successful.


Want to see more? Search this amazing resource; There’s an AI for that or TikTok AiexplainsAI.


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