Top AI Tools for Marketing that we love: Part 2


BrightBid’s top picks for great AI tools for B2B marketing teams: Part 2

We picked the best tools for marketing and since then the pace of change has accelerated again. GPT4 launched on the 14th March 2023 and Google’s response, BARD on the 21st March 2023.

So here’s a new list of amazing AI tools that have launched, got popular or even better in the last weeks and some ideas of how to use them for B2B or lead gen marketing teams


1. ChatGPT is top of the list again as the big daddy of the chatbots. It was using GPT3.5 when it launched on 30th November 2022 but if you’re a paying user you now have access to the GPT4 version.

We love this idea from Chloe Hawking in PMW “Make ChatGPT your overqualified intern”. Here’s some useful prompts for your new intern in your marketing team!

  • Provide a list of X brand competitors and answer in table format.
  • Create a 6-column table with the UK’s top brands in x sector containing their names, website URL, LinkedIn URL, Twitter URL, Facebook URL, Instagram URL, and TikTok URL.
  • List the top performing keywords for x category in x market in a 2-column table containing the keywords and the search volume in the UK.
  • Write 5 hooks for TikTok on the subject of demystifying AI for B2B marketers.


2. ChatGPT in Bing

Turns out that ChatGPT into Bing was ACTUALLY using GPT4 all along so it’s had 6 weeks to learn and get creative. As GPT-4 now has multi-modal functionalities which include conversational search and sentiment analysis, users will be able to get even more accurate results with minimal effort, through text, voice, and image searches.

Here’s Ethan Mollick’s, the Associate Professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania experiments with the creativity of new Bing.

We love that ChatGPT Bing could answer this question coherently: ‘What are four sentences that I could send back in time to Ancient Rome, and that they would understand, to teach them technologies which could prevent Rome’s collapse?’

So it’ll have no problem with “Write all the objections a B2B marketing team in the medical device space would have to a salesperson calling to sell them an AI engine to help manage their paid search spend”. Right?


3. Midjourney, Dall-e and Stable Diffusion

These are the grand dames of the AI image generation world. We’ve been playing with Midjourney prompts to generate interesting images for our blog posts and it can be hard to get a great, on-brand image. Our learning here is that it pays to be really specific and if possible- ask an expert – a designer or photographer – to generate the prompt to more exact specifications. We also found that these are really these helpful tools for image generator prompts: or

The tools don’t yet take colour references with more detailed RGB: CMYK or HEX codes so you may need to export the image to your usual software like Photoshop to update your brand colours. This is what we did with this Midjurney image.




4. The world of Customer Experience or Customer Service teams is about to get extremely disrupted with AI, especially with the new GPT4 voice query capabilities

The new breed of AI-driven assistants in live chat is now multilingual; can scrape your website or internal knowledge systems for more precise answers to customers’ queries: can adopt your brand tone of voice and hand over to real people when they are unable to answer a query. This will drastically reduce the cost per contact for many simple queries and should increase customer experience if handled correctly. offer a savings calculator so you can see how much you could save with an AI solution in this space.

Intercom also launched a new GPT4-powered AI bot for customer service that has been making noise.

The ability of GPT4 ability to handle multi-language voice queries will massively scale this sector if the tech is good enough…. We watch and wait.


5. Voice-to-text AI tools There are lots of these tools available like or, Google will transcribe Google Meet recordings and Microsoft Teams launched their updated version in 2023.

The ones we’ve used have had patchy quality and are not great with non-standard accents. The NY Times recently recommended Apple Voice Control and Nuance Dragon Home 15 as the best of the bunch.

The best route forward seems to be to use the transcription tools directly and then use ChatGPT to summarize your notes into key themes.


6. Video generation tools; We love tools like that take text to video using Avatars programmed with realistic voices. Audio works better in English than in Swedish! It can even produce a custom avatar for your brand.

This provides multiple ways of generating simple short-form videos for creative-hungry platforms such as TikTok, and the new formats on Instagram and Facebook. This requirement can be a real burden to resource-strapped marketing teams to get stand out on these channels.

Many have turned to User Generated content and influencers to meet the high demands of the platforms for new creative and tools like Synthesia offer another route forward and enable you to import videos as well as PowerPoint slides as a backdrop.

Here is an ad for BrightBid using


7. SEO content generation tools; We’ve heard great things about and to increase the volume and velocity of your output for SEO-optimised content. They save your brand guidelines and tone of voice so require less prompt tailoring than CHatGPT.


8. And of course, we’ve just launched BrightBid’s AI engine for Bing Paid Search to enable our customers to get a head start using the advanced features of GPT4 in Bing. Here’s an article on the benefits of using Bing for B2B or lead advertisers.


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