The future of search in B2B marketing with Kate Cox, CMO at BrightBid

Finite podcast: How will Generative AI change Search Engine Marketing for B2B customers and B2B marketing approaches overall? That was the subject of Alex Price and Kate Cox discussion on FINITE podcast.

TLDR summary:
– Search is changing more slowly than Google and Bing announcements suggest as these are headline grabbing PR exercises about beta or future features. However, it will change with the introduction of the new conversational search formats.

– Google will keep multiple answers in the Q&A format giving visibility to multiple businesses and elevate the citation of sources to avoid AI hallucination issues.

– General consensus is that search engines will be able to define intent of queries better in the ChatBox / Q&A format and this has the following consequences > lower impressions, higher Click Through Rates, Higher Conversions so benchmarks will need to be revised.

– SEO isn’t dead or even dying but will need to change to more summary / snippet formats.

– Conversational search is already driving leads for B2B marketing teams through SEO > referral is ‘Microsoft Edge ‘for Bing.

– In terms of the wider picture > we believe that the importance of trusted relationships in the world of AI becomes even more important so counterintuitively the move to AI for greater targeting and B2B efficiency will see a resurgence in IRL marketing including events, networking, community platforms.


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