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”A blip In the matrix or the sign of something more? Analysing Alphabet’s Q2 results”


Analysing Alphabet’s Q2 results Google’s parent company has seen tepid results recently, but this is an opportunity for marketers.

Gustav Westman, COO and Co-founder at BrightBid looks at how Artificial Intelligence deployed with human expertise creates more refined marketing insights.

Alphabet’s strategy to focus on the development of innovative tools – such as Performance Max and automated bidding – could shape what the next era of advertising looks like, if used properly.

These Q2 results are symptomatic of an industry undergoing a transitional period – Marketers are looking for ways to navigate the ever-changing minefields that are data and policy to deliver high performance. Google Search can play a pivotal role in many marketing plans with many advertisers spending half of their budgets on search or other activation tactics driving immediate sales.

Alphabet’s status as a pioneer isn’t in jeopardy – they will continue to drive technical innovation for the foreseeable future and search will continue to be the lynchpin of many successful marketing strategies.

Introducing automation and AI to crunch data alongside your human staff is the catalyst to refining your marketing insights and unlocking greater ad efficiency.


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