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”What The Borg And Robocop Can Teach Marketers About The Rise Of AI In Search Marketing”

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Gustav Westman, wrote this piece for Forbes” ‘What the Borg and Robocop can teach marketers about the rise of AI marketing’. Artificial intelligence (AI) has been gaining ground in the world of search marketing, offering the potential for more targeted and efficient Google advertising efforts. However, it’s important to consider the potential consequences of relying too heavily on AI and automation as a ‘black box’.

In this article, the founder and CEO of brightbid.com, Gustav Westman, discusses how AI can affect your digital marketing campaigns and the balance between artificial intelligence and human experience in the development of innovative tech solutions for performance marketing and PPC. Westman also addresses the role of data in search marketing and the increasing competitiveness of the field amid rising media costs especially Google CPC’s. He discusses the potential of AI as a tool to aid in Google advertising efforts, but also cautions against becoming too reliant on it without the human expertise to guide and train the technology. 


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