”UK adspend forecast to hit £35bn in 2022 with more muted growth prospects next year”

UK adspend is forecast to grow by 9.2% this year to £34.9bn, according to the latest analysis from the Advertising Association (AA) and WARC. But the adspend forecast for 2023 is a comparatively low 3.9%, a downgrade from the 4.4% posted three months ago, amid warnings that rising inflation will actually spell a real term contraction in the UK ad market next year.

Gustav Westman, CEO and Founder of BrightBid, said: “Search advertising is predicted to be the fastest growing media over the quarter, rising to £3.4bn. As marketing teams retrench to channels that show immediate value as the economic winds cool, we’ll continue to see an increase in total PPC spend: the AA/WARC report is testament to this.

“As brands and advertisers face the difficult decision of effectively maximising revenue, advocating for technology to help cut down waste and save time and money has become an essential and necessary part to campaigns. Now is not the time to hold off on advertising spending, rather food for thought should be – how can technology help me get more value for my money?”


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UK marketers sign up for AI

79% of top UK marketing executives report ROI boost with AI tools Out of 200 marketing leaders in the UK, 84% said they use AI tools of some kind, with the top three uses for email marketing (33%), content marketing (29%), and social media post generation (27%) Adtech platform BrightBid says its new survey reveals…

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“Google turns 25: but can it still dominate the next decade?”

Google was 25 years old on 4/9/23. It turned marketing upside down when it launched in ways we couldn’t have predicted and were definitely too slow to realise at its launch. Many big businesses, worth millions or billions, owe their success to Google as its given them a forecastable and scalable way to grow as…

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Search 3.0: 2023 is the year of PPC disruption

A new report from AA/ WARC shows that 2023 is the year of huge disruption in the paid search market with the rise of new entrants from retail media players such as Amazon, social media platforms such as TikTok disrupting user behaviour alongside the rise of generative AI chatbots from both Google and Bing driving…

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You’re mad not to use Bing if you’re using Google ads for B2B Lead marketing! Here’s why?

If you’re a B2B marketer and you’ve got a steady flow of good quality leads from Google PPC and you’re not yet using Bing: you’re missing out! TLDR: Bing offers the following advantages over Google: The cost per click (CPC) on Bing Ads is usually lower than Google Ads. There are more advertisers on Google…

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Using MarTech to increase your efficiency

MarTech takes an increasingly large place in the digital marketer’s everyday life, but what does MarTech actually mean and how can you use it? MarTech is short for Marketing Technology and refers to technological tools and platforms used by marketers to manage, automate and measure their marketing. Martech includes various solutions used to manage everything…

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Why it’s crucial for B2B marketers to link your CRM to your Bing Ads account to drive high value leads and greater Return on Ad Spend

At BrightBid, we want all of our clients to get the most out of their marketing investment so we advise them to link their Bing Ads accounts to their CRM systems if they use one. This enables marketing teams to monitor the success of online marketing initiatives at a more granular level. By better understanding…

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