ChannelX UK Amazon Sellers Report 2023

We co-sponsored ChannelX’s new report on “How to become a Top Amazon Seller” to help launch our new BrightBridge connector between Google Shopping Ads and Amazon listings.

The report highlights:

  • A detailed breakdown of Amazon Top Sellers by category and geography.
  • What an Amazon Top Seller looks like.
  • Case studies from the UK’s most successful Amazon sellers.

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How BrightBid helped Mobility Motors gain rapid Results

BrightBid significantly helped Mobility Motors, a car dealership group in Sweden, to manage their Google Ads. BrightBid’s ability to conduct advanced optimisations and A/B testing autonomously proved invaluable, resulting in a 40% increase in cost-effectiveness over six months. Anthon, Performance Marketer at Mobility Motors, praised BrightBid’s effectiveness in delivering rapid results and substantial time savings.

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Google Tracking Changes 2024 & Implications for PPC

In our most recent webinar, our Chief Product Officer, Pontus Wiehager focused on the upcoming changes to Google web tracking in 2024, particularly with the launch of Cookie Consent Mode V2 in March and GA4. In this session we covered how these changes will impact your paid search performance and provided actionable steps to ensure…

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“When bad ads are more successful than award winners”

BrightBid took part in a great discussion on Performance vs Creativity with some of the UK’s leading CMO’s managing brands such as Foxy Bingo, Ladbrokes, Merlin,, Which, EY alongside TikTok and SEEN Connects and Performance Marketing World. Conclusion: measure everything including the impact of creative on PPC performance and adjust accordingly. We talked about…

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European Search Awards 2023

We are thrilled to announce that we have been shortlisted at the European Search Awards! ⭐️ BrightBid’s recognition in the category for the ‘best low budget campaign (PPC) (LARGE)’ is a testament to our ability to deliver outstanding results for our clients, regardless of budget size. This achievement is a testament to the amazing work…

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How Google Ads works

97 percent search for information on the internet, of which 61 percent google every day. Google is a search engine that many people already know, we use Google to find information and do all kinds of searches there. So how does advertising on Google Ads work? 15% of daily Google searches have never been done…

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SEM and SEO are two different strategies for getting high visibility in Google search results. The two strategies are very different as the methods to achieve the desired results are different. It is important to keep in mind that one strategy does not exclude the other, there are great advantages to working with both SEM…

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