Your AI-Powered Ad Command Center

BrightBid’s AI streamlines ads & boosts success: automate everything from text & Shopping Ads to Amazon integration for Shopping ads. Monitor rivals, protect your brand name, gain clear reports, & conquer B2B marketing.

AI Optimization Solutions for Your Ad Campaigns

Reach the right audience, get comprehensive competitor insights, and maximize your return on investment.

brightbid ai automate ppc

AI-Fused PPC Automation

Optimize campaigns, and ad copy, and maximize ROI with our cutting-edge AI.

brightbid automate google shopping ads

AI Optimization for
Google Shopping Ads

Reach the right audience with fully automated Google Shopping Ads.

brightbid sell amazon products directly on google shopping

Amazon to Google Shopping

Sell your Amazon products directly on Google Shopping with our own-built solution.

ai ad reporting brightbid

AI-Powered Ad Reporting

Gain clear ad performance reports that empower data-driven decisions.

brightbid competitor ads monitoring brand protection

Ad Monitoring & Brand Protection

Benefit from real-time competitor ad intelligence and brand name protection.

microsoft ads ai optimization b2b

Managed Ad Services

Streamline your Meta, LinkedIn, Bing, and TikTok ads with our expertise.


With BrightBid, we have received more relevant visitors which resulted in an increased number of deals. With BrightBid’s help, we pay less for more and our ads are more relevant to our potential customers.

Magnus Mistander, Business and Marketing Manager, Omecon

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Discover Unprecedented Performance with BrightBid’s AI

BrightBid demonstrates the transformative impact of AI in advertising, enabling clients to achieve an average 20% increase in return on investment.

Eletive boosted conversions 3x & expanded to 5 EU markets with BrightBid’s AI-powered Google Ads revamp.


Increased conversions


Reduced cost per click


Reduced cost per conversion

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Dr. Dropin achieved 40% more leads, 14% lower cost per lead despite 21% budget increase.


Lead volume


Cost per acquisition


Conversion rate

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Engineering firm Omecon wrestled with niche ad struggles: limited expertise, unclear ROI, and low conversions.


Cost per conversion



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The Search Wars

Stay Ahead of the Curve: Why AI is Essential for Paid Search in 2024

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  • Why AI and automation are still leading the way in the world of search in 2024
  • The keys to perfecting your AI-powered toolbox such as understanding search intent and adopting a first-party data strategy
  • New search approaches such as voice and circle to search to win in the new AI-empowered world

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