AI-powered AD Optimization and Bidding

Boost Conversions & Slash Costs: AI Search Ads Optimization for Google & Microsoft

Managing Google & Microsoft search ads can feel like a never-ending battle. It’s time-consuming, requires constant attention, and often leaves you feeling frustrated. Optimize Google Search Ads and Microsoft (Bing) Ads with the power of BrightBid AI: increase conversions and revenue with smart bidding strategies, automatically generated ad texts, and transparent data analysis.

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Struggling to manage your Google & Microsoft search ads?

Manually optimizing search ads takes time, expertise, and can be frustrating for several reasons:

  • Wasted Time: Manual tasks eat up your team’s valuable time.
  • Low Conversions: Ads aren’t reaching the right audience, wasting your budget.
  • Hidden Gems: You’re missing valuable keywords and market opportunities.
  • Constant Change: Keeping up with search ad platforms is overwhelming.

What if you could get more conversions, slash costs, and free up your team’s time?

BrightBid’s AI automates tedious tasks, optimizes bids in real-time, and uncovers hidden keyword opportunities to maximize your return on ad spend (ROAS).

Here’s how BrightBid’s AI can help your business thrive:

  • Boost Conversions: Reach the right audience with laser-focused targeting and AI-generated ad copy that converts.
  • Slash Costs: Eliminate wasteful ad spend with our smart bidding strategies that maximize your budget.
  • Save Time: Free up your team to focus on core business strategies while our AI handles the heavy lifting.
  • Unlock Growth: Discover new market opportunities and hidden keywords you might be missing.

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Omecon achieved an 85% reduction in their cost per conversion and a remarkable 768% increase in conversions:

“With BrightBid, we have received more relevant visitors which resulted in an increased number of deals. With AI’s help, we pay less for more and our ads are more relevant to our potential customers. Continuous reconciliations mean that we as customers feel that the advertising feels optimized and relevant.”

Magnus Mistander, Business and Marketing Manager Omecon

How BrightBid’s AI Works

Here’s how artificial intelligence and ad automation using BrightBid can reduce and eliminate barriers to effective advertising on Google and other ad platforms.



Our AI dives deep into your website, competitor data, and past performance to identify high-potential opportunities.


AI-Driven Insights



Get clear, actionable insights to track progress and make data-driven decisions.

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Search Ads Optimization Success Stories With BrightBid

Our AI engine optimizes Google and Microsoft ads by streamlining advertising texts with smart bidding, ad testing, and AI-generated ad copy, improving ROAS, and helping hundreds of companies across the globe optimize ad spending.

Sweden’s most successful educational company

Website traffic: +89.15%

CTR: +154%

CPC: -89.4%

Credit services for private and business customers

Website leads: +280%

Revenue conversion: +107%

CPC: -89.4%

A popular chain of Mexican restaurants

Conversions: +59%

Clicks: 47%

CPC: -33%

Get the most out of your search ads


HOW does BrightBid's AI engine work?

BrightBid’s AI engine improves your ads by adjusting bids, ad data, target groups, ad headings, and text. It uses machine learning and automated algorithms to sort data and optimize ad copy, make the best bids, and find potential high-performing products. This helps improve your ads and campaigns on Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, and Google Shopping all day, every day.


We have created our own AI and ML models to help with Google and Microsoft ads. We also use BrightBid’s AI engine with Google’s and Microsoft’s AI to multiply the efficiency of our AI engine. Our AI ad solutions, BrightBid and Bidbrain AI engines, are built by our in-house team of AI, dev, and advertising experts.


Yes, BrightBid is 100% secure.

Do I need technical expertise to implement AI ad optimization USING BRIGHTBID?

No, you don’t need extensive technical expertise to implement AI ad optimization using BrigtBid.

Is AI ad optimization suitable for businesses of all sizes?

Yes, AI ad optimization is suitable for businesses of all sizes. BrightBid works efficiently with any business, either big companies or small stores and brands, helping them enhance ad performance and reach their target audiences more effectively.