Learn more about how our AI engine
for paid search works

Here’s how our AI engine for paid search and automated bidding platform for PPC works and helps fix the common issues today’s marketers have with paid search ads:

  • Rising costs
  • Lack of transparency
  • Expensive channel to manage
ai engine for paid search ads

Our AI engine for search ads and bid optimization
in action

We start by building our campaigns on top of Google’s & Bing’s bid automation and layering in optimization strategies driven by historical learnings from your Ads account. We then test out new approaches using AI to crunch the metrics, mine the long tail of keywords, and discover new insights into audience behaviors.

The Workflow

Here’s how our AI engine for paid search ads and bid optimization platform works


Research phase

The AI engine crawls your website, and your competitors, creating initial keywords. This is great for those just starting out with PPC and for advanced users it help suggest some new keyword ideas for further testing.


Self-learning phase

The AI Engine then generates new keyword ideas and audience combinations to test to drive further value.


Ad creation and publishing phase

New Ad Copy is created and tested vs existing copy. Our AI can translate the Ad Copy into new languages. It tests the new copy and adjusts based on performance to quickly understand the nuances of new markets. This can cut down resource costs from managing multi market PPC significantly.


Optimization Phase

The AI then works hand in hand with the bid automation model calculating consumer preferences, understanding conversion triggers, most successful messaging and preferred device and locations to set bids. The machine learning model is trained to only bid in increments minimizing any risks on performance from bid adjustments and rapidly speeding up learning.

The Search Wars

The latest developments on using AI and automation in Paid Search

Download your free copy here to discover:

  • Why AI and automation is still leading the way in the world of search in 2024
  • The keys to perfecting your AI powered toolbox such as understanding search intent and adopting a first party data strategy
  • New search approaches such as voice and circle to search to win in the new AI empowered world

Google Premier Partner

BrightBid is a Google Premier Partner 2023, placing us among the top 3% of leading Google Partners
and enabling faster access to all new Google features.

How We Boost Your Paid Search Ads with AI in 4 Steps



Our PPC experts work with you to understand your current paid search setup, account structure, tracking and business goals. If you are new to the channel we will suggest an initial approach.





The AI engine quickly optimizes the initial setup, using it as a launch pad to recommend further A/B tests for rapid learning cycles. Our automated bidding engine tests bid increases or decreases in small increments enabling rapid learning in a risk-controlled way.



Our Digital Specialist team will recommend regular review sessions for you to update us on your changing business needs and for us to showcase improvements and recommend further areas. We have built AI and machine learning systems with model explainability, which drives larger strategic changes.


What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an intelligent machine that has the ability to work independently. The machine undergoes a learning period when it perceives its surroundings and analyzes it. From the large amounts of data the machine analyzes, it draws insights and learns how to work with this data.


Using AI for paid search ads has many benefits. The biggest advantage is that the engine works all the time, making adjustments and delivering accurate results. Other benefits include accurate audience targeting, enhanced predictive analytics, quick creation of ad assets, adaptivity to changing contexts, automated A/B testing, automated scalability, and time savings. This allows you to focus more on strategy, creativity, and high-level decision-making.

What is required of me as a customer to use your aI for search ads?

We do not need much from you as a customer, at your first meeting with one of our digital marketing stars they will collect all the information they need. We also ensure that we have access to your Google Ads and Analytics account.

Do you decide which conversion goals the AI should work towards?

No, we will decide which conversion goals the AI engine for paid search will work towards together during our start-up meeting. Our analysts will always suggest goals based on their experience, but at the end of the day, you will decide which goals are the most important for your business.

Is BrightBid safe to use?

Yes, BrightBid is a secure solution for paid search ads.

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