AI-powered AD Optimization and Bidding

Get More Leads & Sales: AI Ad Optimization for Paid Search & Shopping Ads

Stop wasting time managing ads and start growing your business. BrightBid’s AI automates bidding, optimizes campaigns, and finds high-intent customers, so you can focus on what matters most.

BrightBid AI Ad Optimization Solutions for Supercharging Your Ad Campaigns

Paid Search Ads Optimization with AI

Shopping Ads Optimization with AI

  • Reach Ready-to-Buy Shoppers: Our AI optimizes your Shopping feed and bids to ensure top placement in relevant searches.
  • Easy Feed Management: BrightBid AI keeps your product information accurate and up-to-date across Google Shopping, eliminating errors and maximizing visibility.
  • Dynamic Bidding for Maximum ROI: Leverage real-time data to set optimal bids for each product. Our AI ensures you get the most conversions at the best possible price.

Amazon to Google Shopping Integration

  • Unlock a New Sales Channel: Effortlessly list your Amazon products directly in Google Shopping, reaching a wider audience of potential customers.
  • Streamlined Product Listing & Management: Manage your Amazon and Google Shopping listings from a single platform. No need for duplicate entries!
  • Automated Inventory Synchronization: BrightBid AI automatically syncs your inventory levels in real-time, ensuring a seamless customer experience.


BrightBid has increased our cost efficiency across the entire Google Ads account by 40%.

Anthon, marketing manager, Mobility Motors


What is AI?

AI is a smart machine that can operate on its own. It learns by observing and studying its environment. By analyzing vast amounts of data, it gains knowledge and figures out how to use that data effectively.


AI in advertising offers numerous advantages. The main benefit is that the AI engine operates continuously, constantly making adjustments and providing precise outcomes. Additional perks encompass precise targeting of the audience, improved predictive analytics, rapid generation of ad materials, flexibility in adapting to changing circumstances, automated A/B testing, effortless scalability, and time efficiency. Consequently, this enables individuals to concentrate more on strategy, creativity, and making important decisions at a higher level.

What is required of me as a customer to use your aI for search ads?

We don’t require a lot from you as a customer. When you meet one of our digital marketing experts for the first time, they will gather all the necessary information. Additionally, we make sure to have access to your Google Ads and Analytics account.

Do you decide which conversion goals the AI should work towards?

No, we’ll figure out which conversion goals the AI engine for paid search will focus on together during our initial meeting. Our analysts will give suggestions based on their experience, but ultimately, you’ll have the final say on which goals matter the most for your business.

Is BrightBid safe to use?

Yes, BrightBid is a secure solution for paid search ads.

Get more leads & sales with AI-powered ads