How to Implement Google Enhanced Conversions

Google Enhanced Conversions play a vital role in e-commerce by offering precise data on customer behavior. With this feature, specific actions CTA button clicks and form submissions can be tracked, giving a deeper understanding of user engagement and conversion paths. With Enhanced Conversions, you can fine-tune their campaigns, improve targeting accuracy, and the efficiency and effectiveness of your PPC campaigns.

What are Google Enhanced Conversions?

How Google Enhanced Conversions Work

  • Capture First-Party Customer Data: When a customer completes a conversion on your website, first-party customer data, like email addresses or phone numbers, is captured.
  • Hashing the Data: The captured data is hashed using the SHA256 algorithm, ensuring privacy and security.
  • Secure Transmission to Google: The hashed data is then securely sent to Google.
  • Enhanced Conversion Measurement: The hashed data is used to match your customers to Google accounts, providing insights into user engagement with your ads.

Why Use Google Enhanced Conversions

When a website visitor completes a conversion, you may obtain first-party customer data, including email addresses, names, home addresses, and/or phone numbers. This information can be captured within your conversion tracking tags, hashed, transmitted to Google in its hashed format, and subsequently utilized to enhance your conversion measurement.

The utilization of hashed data varies based on the type of enhanced conversions employed, leading to improvements in measurement for different purposes.

Enhanced Conversions for Web

  • Relevant for advertisers tracking sales and events occurring on a website.
  • Enhances the measurement of online conversions.
  • Allows the transmission of hashed first-party, user-provided data from your website upon user conversion. This data is then employed to associate your customers with Google accounts that were signed in when they interacted with your ads.

How to Set Up Enhanced Conversions for Web

Configure enhanced conversions for the web using one of the following three methods:

Enhanced Conversions for Leads

  • Relevant for advertisers monitoring sales originating off a website, such as through phone or email, from website leads.
  • Improves the measurement of offline transactions resulting from website leads or visitors.
  • Enables the utilization of hashed, first-party user-provided data from your website lead forms for offline lead measurement. When uploading your leads, the provided hashed information is used to attribute back to the corresponding Google Ad campaign.

How to Set Up Enhanced Conversions for Leads

Establish enhanced conversions for leads using one of the four following methods:

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