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”To erase the line between man and machine: Why marketers should embrace AI’s ascension”


Gustav Westman, our CEO and Founder wrote this article for Technology Dispatch ‘To Erase The Line Between Man And Machine: Why Marketers Should Embrace Ai’s Ascension’

The article discusses how AI is being used in digital advertising and how it improves efficiency of Google PPC. The article outlines how using Google Ads’ in-built AI tools is a good starting point for digital marketers, but relying solely on those tools can be a risky strategy. To truly stand out from the competition, brands should consider using tailored solutions that cater to specific requirements in addition to the tools provided by Google Ads. This will allow them to easily navigate complicated consumer conversion journeys and personalize their paid search advertising campaigns to niche audiences. In this way businesses can navigate the rising CPC’s (Cost per Click and Cost per Conversions) of Google search without increasing digital marketing budgets and further inflating the price in Google auctions. Using AI technology in marketing shouldn’t be viewed as the replacement to marketers – rather, it can augment their efforts and allow them to focus on tasks that only humans can do.


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