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How to Enhance Employee Engagement

Using Technology and Psychology

Eletive is a platform that combines technology and psychology to help organizations improve employee experience and performance. Eletive offers a data-driven approach to measure and increase employee engagement by providing real-time insights and tools to act on these insights. Their platform is used by organizations worldwide and focuses on putting people at the center to create an efficient and engaging work environment.

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Increased conversions


Reduced cost per click


Reduced cost per conversion


Eletive, founded in 2014 by two engineers and a psychologist, revolutionizes employee engagement with a platform that combines technology and psychology. Their vision is a thriving workplace where everyone has the opportunity to grow. Today, Eletive’s data-driven approach helps HR teams worldwide foster a healthy company culture, enhancing leadership and engagement.

Case challenge —

Overcoming Challenges in AI Ad Optimization

Previously, Eletive faced a dual challenge: improving the quality of leads generated through their AI ad optimization efforts with Google Ads and expanding into new markets. Their primary target audience was HR managers in large organizations. Despite attempts to advertise outside of Sweden, they struggled to see success with their Google Ads optimization, which hindered their expansion strategy.

Case solution —

How We Engineered an HR Lead Generation Strategy with Data-Driven Campaigns

When BrightBid took over the account, we started by creating new campaigns based on previously collected data and retained the keywords that had shown good conversion rates. We also focused on refining audience optimization and setting clear and qualitative conversion goals. At the same time, we conducted a thorough refinement of ad texts to maximize their effectiveness for HR lead generation. For Eletive, the main goal was to get visitors to book demos on their website. By linking Google Ads with their CRM HubSpot, we were able to measure the entire conversion process from a Google Ads campaign to a signed customer.

The result —

Boosting HR Software Conversions with AI and Data-Driven Strategies

Before BrightBid took over, Eletive had 30 conversions per month. During the first three months with BrightBid’s AI ad optimization solution, the number of conversions increased to 60 per month, and thereafter, from month 4 to 7, it rose to 150 conversions per month. In addition to more conversions, we doubled the conversion rate from 1% to 2%, reduced the cost per click (CPC) by 35%, and the cost per conversion decreased by 51%. We also expanded Eletive’s digital presence to five markets: Sweden, Finland, France, the Netherlands, and Germany, showcasing the power of multi-language Google Ads campaigns.

This case study demonstrates the significant impact that AI ad optimization can have on HR software companies like Eletive. By utilizing BrightBid’s expertise in data-driven marketing for HR, Eletive was able to achieve:

  • Increased conversions by 300%
  • Doubled conversion rate
  • Reduced cost per click by 35%
  • Reduced cost per conversion by 51%
  • Expanded reach to new markets

Are you an HR manager looking to improve your Google Ads performance? By leveraging BrightBid’s AI ad optimization solutions, you can generate high-quality leads, increase conversions, and achieve your recruitment goals.


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