Better results for the same spend

Before we took over Taco Bar’s Google advertising, they have previously used another agency to advertise on Google. They were not completely satisfied with the result and chose to try collaborating with BrightBid.






Cost per Click

About the project

A company on an exciting journey

Taco Bar is Sweden’s first and oldest Tex-Mex chain. They were successfully using Google search to drive restaurant bookings via an agency but in 2020, the pandemic drove them to urgently review their marketing costs and pivot towards home delivery. They choose BrightBid to cost effectively manage their search with the AI engine continually driving improvements for the same spend. BrightBid increased conversions by 59%. Increased clicks 47% and reduced CPC by 33%.

The 2020 pandemic caused TacoBar to review all their costs as the capacity of their restaurants was restricted which meant lower revenues and the company needed to pivot to home delivery to make up the shortfall.

What made you choose BrightBid?

“Prior to BrightBid we were successfully using Google search to drive restaurant bookings via a digital agency but in 2020, the pandemic drove us to urgently review our marketing costs and pivot towards home delivery. Since we started working with BrightBid, we’ve seen our conversions improve dramatically for the same PPC spend : rapidly improving the revenue generated from paid search


‘’The cost per conversion has been drastically reduced during the year we have been working together while still seeing the same number of conversions.’’

Christoffer Ljungstrand, Digital & Marketing Manager Taco Bar

The result

Better results for the same spend – The result of a great collaboration

Our AI engine was a cost effective approach that drove improved results

BrightBid and TacoBar have worked together for over a year and in that time the cost per conversion for paid search has been drastically reduced. This has dramatically increased the Return on Ad Spend from PPC for TacoBar. Keeping the same spend on PPC, BrightBid increased conversions by 59%. Increased clicks by 47% and reduced CPC by 33%.


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