UK Launch event celebrates AI, Automation and the Future of Search

BrightBid officially launched its UK operations at an exclusive breakfast event in London’s Covent Garden Hotel last week. To celebrate the opening of our London office, we invited 24 of the best and brightest from across the Search industry, including leading brands and clients to toast our new journey.


Before breakfast was served, Branwell Johnson the former Editor at Marketing Week, and Director of Content at Propeller Group, ran a fireside chat with our CEO Gustav Westman, CTO Edmund Aldrich de Leon and Christos Stavropoulos our Head of Product Strategy. And what better way to demonstrate our Search prowess and expertise than to focus the discussion on AI, Automation and the Future of Search.


To get the discussion going, Gustav our CEO was asked what the secret to getting a company launched in the middle of a pandemic was. He said, “We had decided to launch the company and had been planning it for over a year. Despite the pandemic, we didn’t change our plans but saw the opportunity to create value. It turned out to be a good decision as the pandemic drove a 45% increase into Google Search from Q2 2020 to 2021.


London was agreed on as the third BrightBid location due to its dynamic and vibrant technology and startup scene – a strategic market as the company looks to grow its rapidly increasing UK clientbase.


Gustav said “Our ambition is to help businesses large and small across the UK compete with growing PPC costs and deliver optimised cost-effective campaigns using the AI-driven technology that we’ve developed. We’re really excited for the next stage in BrightBid’s evolution as we launch in London and take advantage of the UK’s position as the second largest market for Google Ads in the world. We want to service our growing UK clientbase from our new London HQ, and build on the company’s rapid growth following huge success in Europe supporting companies such as LeadPilot and MoneyPenny.”


Alongside news of the launch, a recent investment of £2 million was also announced. This was raised by a couple of tech and SaaS company founders including Filip Lilja, co-founder of autonomous trucking company Einride, Mikael Lindblom, co-founder and former CEO of invoice management SaaS company Medius, and Thor-Olof Philogène, founder and CEO of enterprise insights SaaS company Stravito as well as former CRO at iZettle. The new funding will be used to support the platform’s development, continue to develop new business and grow the marketing team.


Free audit


BrightBid offers a free audit to outline the expected increases in conversions associated with using their AI driven system and works with clients hand in hand to quickly train the AI engine to achieve improved results in 30 days.


Contact us today to arrange a meeting and discuss how our platform can help optimise campaigns and deliver cost-effective results – with an average of over 35% increase in conversions for Google search.


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