Using MarTech to increase your efficiency

MarTech takes an increasingly large place in the digital marketer’s everyday life, but what does MarTech actually mean and how can you use it?

MarTech is short for Marketing Technology and refers to technological tools and platforms used by marketers to manage, automate and measure their marketing.
Martech includes various solutions used to manage everything from social media to search engine optimization and analysis of large amounts of marketing data. Examples of tools include marketing automation systems, content management systems, analytics platforms, social media management tools, and many more.

MarTech is used to make marketing more efficient and automated, and to enable better analysis and measurement of marketing efforts.

Team BrightBid Norway attended MFO’s (Market Association in Oslo) breakfast event where the theme was MarTech. Various challenges with implementing MarTech were discussed, together with the challenge of navigating the MarTech landscape, which is very broad. For those of you who work with paid advertisement, there are several ways that AdTech, a subcategory of MarTech, can facilitate your daily tasks. AdTech specifically refers to the technology used to manage and optimize digital advertisements. AdTech tools include real-time bidding, retargeting, and audience segmentation.

Some examples of how AdTech can help you improve your paid ads:

  1. Ad Management: Use AdTech to manage your ads across multiple channels, including social media, search engines, and display networks.
  2. Ad Optimization: AdTech solutions can help you optimize your ads by testing different ad texts and images to see which generates the most clicks and conversions.
  3. Audience Segmentation: Segment your audience to show ads that are more relevant to your potential customers, which can increase the conversion rate of your paid campaigns.
  4. Ad performance measurement: Big data tools can help you measure the results of your ads, including click-through rate, conversion rate, cost per conversion, and return on investment (ROI).

Using MarTech solutions can be an effective strategy to reach out to your target groups and increase your sales or conversions.

It is important to note that MarTech tools can be quite complex and it can take time to learn how to use the technology effectively. It is therefore important to choose tools that suit your needs and to spend time learning how to use them properly. BrightBid’s specialists are there for you who want to implement an automated solution for Google Ads but don’t have the time to do it yourself.