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Amity is a global technology company that helps other tech teams build in-app communities more quickly and easily with the Amity Social SDK (software development kit). They operate across the world in a niche B2B sector targeting CTO’s and CMO’s. BrightBid helped them expand to 69 markets through paid search whilst lowering their Cost per Lead by 47%.


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About the project

BrightBid helped Amity drive quality leads from their website across the world.

Amity operates in a niche B2B technology market but needed to target broad keywords in PPC to achieve lead volume. In 2022, they hit a surprising challenge.

Many of Amity’s broad keywords included the term Chat such as ‘ChatSDK’ and ‘ChatAPI’ which caused a lot of search confusion when ChatGPT launched in November 2022. This led to a sudden surge of irrelevant clicks causing a need for a wholesale reinvention of their paid search campaigns rapidly.

What we did

Through a meticulous process of excluding search keywords, implementing bid adjustments, and pausing historically high-performing search terms, BrightBid successfully addressed the issue of irrelevant clicks, which had posed a significant challenge. Subsequently, we shifted our strategy to prioritize keywords that had not historically generated substantial conversion volumes but had started to perform in the new environment.

With over 151,000 bidding optimisations in that time period, we managed to find the right audience and bid effectively on those, resulting in high-quality visitors with a higher conversion rate, decreasing their cost per SAL.

Through the implementation of an improved campaign structure, the creation of more relevant ad copy, and the utilization of higher-quality keywords, in conjunction with a refined approach to audience targeting, we successfully achieved a reduction in expensive leads.

“We gave BrightBid our 5 toughest markets to manage first UK, France, Germany, Netherlands and Canada. These markets had a very high cost per Sales Accepted Lead (SAL) as the competitive environment is super tough. We gave BrightBid a hard target: lower our cost per SAL by 20%. They did!”


«We expanded with them to our full 69 markets in November 2022. Since we did, we won our biggest single customer via Paid Search»

Amadeus Noren, Deputy Director, Marketing, Amity


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