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What is Artificial Intelligence?


Technology is advancing incredibly fast, it affects us both in our private lives and in our working lives. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used today in many different areas, the fact is that the majority of the Swedish people use AI daily without thinking about it.

AI in our everyday lives

Working with AI is becoming more common among many companies in different industries. Many have seen the great benefits of AI and developed business ideas based on AI technology. But it’s not always really obvious to everyone what AI really is.

So what is AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an intelligent machine that has the ability to work independently. The machine undergoes a learning period when it perceives its surroundings and analyzes it. From the large amounts of data the machine analyzes, it draws insights and learns how to work with this data. An intelligent machine never needs exact instructions on what it is to do, instead it is programmed to understand different situations or problems and then solve them.

Where is AI used?

AI is used in many different areas and professions. When we do a search in a search engine, we use AI, Siri in your iPhone uses AI to understand what you are saying and respond to it.
Self-driving cars use AI to detect obstacles and be able to drive safely. In addition to using AI daily in our private lives, AI is widely used in various professions, for example banks use it to predict exchange rates and auditors use the intelligent machine to analyze their customers’ accounting data.
Artificial Intelligence is thus already a part of our everyday lives and is used in many different contexts by many different people around the world.

What are the benefits of AI?

The benefits are many, below we list some of the great benefits we see with AI:

  • Tasks are streamlined. An AI machine can handle some of the tasks many people have on a daily basis today, such as tasks such as solving customer service issues. Thanks to AI, humans can instead spend time on other tasks.
  • A more personal experience. The large amounts of data the AI engine works with means that it has a great understanding of what each user wants, which delivers better user experiences.
  • Tasks are automated and we humans therefore save a lot of time.

Future reconnaissance

At BrightBid, we see great benefits with AI, not only does it make our everyday lives easier in private, but it also makes many professions more efficient. We therefore see that more and more people will see the great benefits of AI and continue to develop what we use AI for today.

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