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10 Ways AI and Automation Can Make Your PPC Campaign More Successful

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AI and automation are powerful tools to help you achieve a competitive advantage in Google Search. 


Here are 10 amazing things you can do with AI technology in PPC. 


  1. Did you know you can now use AI to optimize the structure of your Google account? setting your themes and keyword groups to reach the highest relevance possible between keyword and landing page. This increases your quality score and ensures the lowest CPC possible.
  2. Why write hundreds of different Google Ad Copy variations when AI can automatically write and publish ads for you saving you hundreds of hours? Create thousands of unique ads automatically using the AI by scanning your website and your competitors, publish them – 36 per keyword – and then use the AI to AB test them to work out the winning copy for each keyword.
  3. No need to find translators for each of your core markets as the AI can automatically translate your ads to 58 languages! Take your best-performing campaigns, translate them to high-quality ads and include AB testing to make sure the new ads work in each country.
  4. Just getting started with PPC? You can build out your first keyword list using your website, or your competitor’s website, as your base. The AI scans the text and builds out the keyword list automatically. Brilliant for site launches. 
  5. Finding new keywords in the long tail is like mining for gold: sometimes you hit a rich seam but often it’s wasted hours. Use AI to build out related keywords and test these automatically.
  6. Focus on finding new customers like your best old customers. The AI calculates the preferences of each search user, how and when they convert, which messages the user is receptive to and on what ad unit and device and finds new users just like them. 
  7. Don’t waste time manually calculating your bids anymore: the AI bids up higher-value prospects and bids down low-value ones. Be sure to connect your first-party data to your Google Ads account via your CRM or ecommerce engine to manage this in real-time.
  8. Want to get more SEO traffic without increasing your SEO budget? That’s simple with AI. Use the AI to scan competitor bids on your search terms and automatically turn on brand search only when they do and not when they don’t. This makes sure you only advertise on brand keywords when needed, saves your PPC budget and increases clicks on your SEO links without increasing spend. 
  9. Want to decrease your bounce rates in one easy step? The AI engine rewrites and optimizes ads with high bounce rates and continuously strives for better visitor quality – defined as low bounce rate and high average time per visit. 
  10. What’s the similarity between dogs and AI? They’re much nicer when they’ve been trained. AI models need experts to guide them at first to help jump-start the competition. 


Here at BrightBid, our AI engine does all the above. It works with Google as an additional layer on top of Google’s own automation. We only work with one business in each audience auction giving our customers an incredible competitive advantage and reducing CPC’s.


Our customers see on average 35% increased conversions when they start to use BrightBid irrespective of whether they already use Google AI and automation or not.


Read more about our AI engine and book a free demo.

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