Better results for the same spend

Before we took over Taco Bar’s Google advertising, they have previously used another agency to advertise on Google. They were not completely satisfied with the result and chose to try collaborating with BrightBid.
About the project

A company on an exciting journey

Taco Bar has been in Sweden since 1983, it is Sweden’s first and oldest Tex-Mex chain. The chain is found in several places in the country and the brand includes three cornerstones: menu, hospitality and atmosphere. This way, guests always recognize themselves when they visit a Taco Bar, no matter where they are.

Over the years, the popular Tex-Mex chain has implemented a number of changes, both in the menu, logo but also the way they communicate. We are proud of our digital journey with Taco Bar and have met Christoffer Ljungstrand, Digital & Marketing Manager at Taco Bar, to lift our collaboration.


– What has your journey as a company looked like until today?
Taco Bar was founded in 1983 and is one of Sweden’s oldest franchise chains. We have changed owners a few times, the last time was 2009 and since then we have grown by about 3 units a year to the current 46 units.


– What do your future plans look like?
We want to continue to grow with about 3-5 units a year and see that we have many cities / areas left in Sweden where Taco Bar would work well. We are in the middle of a digitalisation journey where we offer our guests to order and pay digitally via our own app.


The cost per conversion has been drastically reduced during the year we have been working together while still seeing the same number of conversions.

Christoffer Ljungstrand, Digital & Marketing Manager Taco Bar
The result

Better results for the same spend - The result of a great collaboration

Before we at Brightbid took over Taco Bar’s Google advertising, they have previously used another agency to advertise on Google. In 2017, their advertising gained momentum both on Google but also in social media. In principle, they have always relied on an agency in order to be able to obtain nuanced results reports and measure that advertisements have the desired effects.


– What made you choose Brightbid?
2020 was a very special year when the Corona pandemic struck, so all industries were forced to review their costs. We already had a picture that we could get more results for the same money than with the existing agency and then in connection with this cost inventory also chose to review the market and stuck to the AI engine and the treatment at Brightbid.


– What has been your goal with the advertising?
Drive efficient traffic to our website where we have our home delivery portal, among other things.


– What were your expectations?
That the effect of spent kronor would be higher.


– What do you think about the result?
During the year we have worked together, the cost of conversions has been drastically reduced and we keep the same number of conversions. That is, the effect of our spent kronor has become higher, which is obviously gratifying. With our digitalisation journey, we also partly change how our guests see us and then it is important that we constantly stay updated in the channels where our guests see us and Brightbid helps us with Google.

We look forward to a continued fun collaboration!

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