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Improved ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

Overall Moneypenny’s ROAS is up 21% YoY. This was driven by long tail and more accurate visits and a lower budget spend on brand.


Return On Ad Spend




Cost per lead
About the project

Moneypenny reduced their cost per lead by 29%

“Moneypenny are the call and live chat experts. BrightBid helped them increase ROAS from PPC by 21%, increase lead conversion rate by 16%, and reduce Cost Per Lead by 29%”

Tough competitive environment in Paid Search for B2B lead generation

Moneypenny are the call and live chat experts working with 20,000+ large and small business customers in the UK and US. Moneypenny spent a high proportion of their marketing budget on Google Search and entered 2022 facing a tough environment with 51% CPC inflation in their category. PPC typically drives a third of all leads for this B2B marketing team so the shortfall was critical to the overall plan.

What made you choose BrightBid?

“We just weren’t seeing the results from Google we were accustomed to across H1 2022. We had tested Google’s own automated bidding systems from December 2021 but reversed back to manual bidding in February 2022 as campaign results were significantly reduced. After we implemented the BrightBid solution, within just one week our PPC conversions improved significantly and the continued optimisations recommended by the BrightBid team have continued to see increased conversions. We are now in the position to look at scaling our search spend again.”


Lee Bishop

‘’After we implemented the BrightBid solution, within just one week our PPC conversions improved significantly’’

Lee Bishop, Group Head of Digital Moneypenny

The result

The result

BrightBid drove four key areas of improvement for Moneypenny

1. Recommended and built out new ad copy for higher bounce rate keywords

2. Identified new keywords in the long tail indicating larger customers

3. Implemented new bidding strategies geared towards higher value customers and

4. Developed a better mix of Paid and Organic search on brand terms to optimise the budget only spending in brand PPC when other call answering companies turned on competitive search. This increased clicks via the SEO channel by 8%


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