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LeadPilot and BrightBid have a lot in common, both companies have had incredibly high growth and both are AI-driven. A successful collaboration!
About the project

A successful collaboration

Felix Kollin is one of the founders and CEO of LeadPilot, a company with a fast growth journey since the start in 2019. Felix has always been passionate about automating and streamlining solutions, so it was very natural for him when he started his work with LeadPilot. The company was started in 2019 with a vision to streamline the process for companies that want more leads.

After a lot of coffee and many late nights, the first product was launched in September. The launch of the product gave the company a real rocket launch. The founders of LeadPilot wanted to build on the product together with the customers and further develop the idea together, since the launch, several upgrades have been made.

After an intense autumn, the Benify founders saw LeadPilot and saw potential in the company, they therefore wanted to invest in the company. LeadPilot had already grown incredibly much, but could now accelerate its growth with the investment.

Where is LeadPilot today?

At present, we have more than 260 customers, among these are companies in many different industries, such as Smarteyes and Ryska Posten Bemanning to name a few. We have expanded a lot in a short time both in terms of number of customers and number of employees, today we are 14 people.

What does the near future look like for you?

Full speed ahead! We will need to employ about 15 people before the end of the year. We are now in a process where we are recruiting more new stars to our team. In addition to LeadPilot growing in number of employees, we will also expand internationally. We are already on our way into the UK and then we see a fast journey forward in the expansion outside Sweden’s borders!

What has been a challenge so far?

A challenge that many startups with rapid growth encounter is to be able to maintain high quality of their product. It is crucial to quickly get key people in place that match the company’s ambitions. It is important for us to put a playbook here in Sweden that we can then apply to other markets when we expand. We do not have to reinvent the wheel and we can establish ourselves faster when we enter a new market.


Could not have been more pleased with the collaboration itself and the result.

Felix Kollin, CEO LeadPilot
The result

LeadPilot's journey together with BrightBid

What made you choose BrightBid?

We saw the same potential in BrightBid as in ourselves. We see the benefits of working with AI and the power AI has. Thus, it was an easy choice and it felt like the right path to take. Using Google Ads suits us well and we have already received several leads from advertising, which was the goal!

What do you think of the results so far?

Could not have been more pleased with the collaboration itself and the results. The AI has found areas we never thought of advertising against ourselves, but when you see it, it is spotless, and leads to conversions! At the same time, we have gained better control of our conversions and follow-up of the statistics with their fantastic customer contact.

Do you recommend others with similar needs to you to start advertising online?

– Yes, absolutely, if you do not exist on Google, you do not exist at all.

LeadPilot and BrightBid have a lot in common, apart from the fact that they are both companies that have had incredibly high growth, both companies are AI-driven. LeadPilot, just like BrightBid, offers an AI-based service. Working computer-driven is one of the cornerstones of both companies, which both Felix, founder of LeadPilot, and Gustav, founder of BrightBid, agree is the way of the future to work.

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