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IT-Total is a provider of secure and sustainable services within IT infrastructure and cyber security. The company’s offering includes managed IT, cyber security, cloud services, software licenses and related IT consulting services.
About the project

A company that really cares about security

IT-Total’s vision is to be the secure IT company that cares about security. Not only do they care about safety. They also care very much about their customers, employees and partners who are very important to IT-Total. Therese Falkbåge, who is currently marketing manager at IT-Total, has a very exciting background. In addition to long experience in IT and marketing, she is a trained police officer. She had a burning interest in security and therefore it seemed natural for Therese to start working with cyber security.

The journey started in 2011 in Stockholm with a vision of being the secure IT company that cares. The journey took off and in June 2019, the Nordic private equity company Segulah acquired a majority shareholding in IT-Total to support the company in its growth phase and strategic development. The new ownership created opportunities to continue the growth journey and develop into an even better and larger supplier to both existing and new customers.

As a result of the fine work IT-Total has done, they have received a number of fine awards such as The Customers Choice by Veeam, Partner Of The Year by HP and Partner of the Year by HP Enterprise and more. In addition to receiving many fine awards, they are ranked as one of the highest of all IT suppliers when it comes to creating value and customer satisfaction of Sweden’s companies and organizations.


What have been your challenges?
We are not as big as other players in the market, we are a smaller player that is a challenger in the Swedish IT market. A challenge is therefore to continue to be the small close player who cares about our customers, while we fight with the bigger players.


What do your future plans look like?
IT-Total is now facing a new growth phase. We are on a growth journey with a focus on developing managed services, customer relationships and partnerships. We have always been very customer-focused and will continue to be so, we grow together with our customers. The development we now make as a company is in line with customers’ needs, we increasingly see that companies need a complete solution – which is exactly what we offer our customers. We want to become a leading IT partner in the mid-segment in Sweden.


We are very pleased with our collaboration with BrightBid and look forward to continuing to see fantastic results!

Therese Falkbåge, Head of marketing
The result

A strong collaboration

Our collaboration with BrightBid has gone very smoothly and well. It’s a fun collaboration. Our contact person Johan often comes up with suggestions for improvements and different ideas on how we can develop our digital presence at our follow-up meetings. If we have questions or need help with something, we always get very quick answers from Johan, which we obviously appreciate a lot. We are very pleased with our collaboration with BrightBid and look forward to continuing to see great results!

What made you choose BrightBid?
I had a lot on my table and was therefore looking for a solution. BrightBid’s AI solution caught my interest. With BrightBid completely controlling the advertising, I was able to focus on the other parts of our marketing. A big reason why we chose to run with BrightBid and their AI solution was that it would be very effective.

We went in for a test period to see what BrightBid could deliver, when the test period was over we had seen very good numbers and chose to continue with BrightBid’s AI solution.

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